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Happy Alpaca We know that when it comes to pet care, your hooved friends are often left out of the loop! Do you have a farm or require care for your hoofstock? Look no further! All of our pet care associates have equine and hoofstock experience! We know how much work is put into the care, health monitoring, feeding and cleanup of hoofstock and we love it. Leaving town is hard for those that have any type of hoofstock in their care, but we are more than happy to put your mind at ease and care for them as if they were our own! From swine, to Alpaca/Llama, to Horses, to cattle, we can do it all. We are willing to take on your farm life so that you can take a much needed vacation! No more need to worry about transporting to an expensive boarding facility, we come to you. This also minimizes the stress on your very large friends!

Please contact us for more details and pricing!