Prebooking Special

We groom all breeds. We specialize in large dog breeds. If you follow our program, your dogs shedding will be cut by up to 80%. If you have any questions, please call. After your first grooming, book your next appointment and receive $5 off.


Arizona Mobile Grooming, Dog Boarding, and Dog Walking welcomes you!

Arizona Mobile Grooming comes directly to your house. The convenience and one-on-one personal attention make mobile grooming the preferred service of today's busy pet owners. Arizona Mobile Grooming will come to you in a self contained, customized van that is equipped for all of your pet grooming needs. We groom only dogs! We groom in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

Call us today at 602-812-4388 to make an appointment with a friendly mobile groomer! And be sure to check out our Grooming Specials for important discounts and services.

Arizona Mobile Grooming's Extensive Services

  • Bath and Brush
  • Furminator Treatments
  • Pet Massage
  • Toenail Trim
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Mat Removal
  • Conditioning
  • Dog Walking
  • Dog Boarding

It's shedding season! Shedding season is upon us. As far as the coat goes, mother nature protects our beloved dogs from the heat and the cold. We do not recommend shaving, even though we will do it, because our dogs are susceptible to sun burn and skin cancer. To cut the shedding by 60-80%, we recommend the shedless treatment every 4-6 weeks. We can cut the shedding down 70-80% with our shedding control progam. Please call for details. It is a much safer and less costly treatment compared to shaving.

We groom only dogs.